Thursday, August 21st 2014

Natural Remedy for Tinnitus – Buzz Hiss and Ring

Natural Remedy for TinnitusNatural remedy for tinnitus is something you can take note of. If you are hearing buzzes, hisses, and rings, it must be tinnitus. But there is nothing to worry for there is a natural remedy for tinnitus.

What is tinnitus in the first place? It is when you hear a ringing or a buzzing sound on one or both of your ears. It can be really irritating and disturbing. That is because there have been severe cases wherein the patient may not be able to sleep or concentrate.

Because of the development of science, more and more natural remedy for Tinnitus have been proven to prevent and cure tinnitus. This is without having to rely on over the counter or prescribed medication.

  1. If you live or work in an environment wherein you cannot avoid the noise, wear a mask.
  2. Stress is the source of all evil. Believe it or not, it really is one of the causes of tinnitus. Sometimes, this can be unavoidable so lessen your stress level at all costs. This can be done by breathing deeply and applying 20 to 40 mg of extract of maidenhair tree or gingko biloba on your ears for four to six weeks. As a result, this will widen the blood vessels and boost the blood flow to the ears.
  3. Stay away from foods such as saturated fats, dairy products, sugar, salt, and processed foods. These foods will worsen your situation.
  4. Keep away from coffee, tea, sweet foods, and refined alcohol. If consumed, the outcome will be low blood sugar. Low blood sugar then will lead to tinnitus.
  5. Eat a protein rich diet. Make sure to eat lots of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and zinc.
  6. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  7. Exercise daily. This will perk up your blood circulation.
  8. Always check your blood pressure and keep it under control.
  9. If you just had tinnitus recently or for a long time, nutritional and herbal supplements can also aid.

Natural Remedy for Tinnitus – Herbal

  1. Niacin is a form of vitamin B3. It helps in opening up your blood vessel. This will also allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to your inner ear. Take 100-200 mg a day.
  2. Under the supervision of your doctor, you can have Vitamin B12 injected into you.
  3. Taking magnesium 500-1,000 mg a day has also been proven to turn around noise-induced hearing loss.
  4. Zinc. The cochlea of the ear has a lot of zinc. As such, a Japanese study has shown that zinc supplements can ease the symptoms of tinnitus.
  5. If you just had tinnitus recently or for a long time, nutritional, herbal supplements and natural remedy for tinnitus can also aid.
  6. Twenty to forty mg a day of black cohosh can help too. It improves the flow of the blood to your brain.

There may be noisy places people go to that cannot be avoided. On the other hand, having a well-balanced diet is a choice. Taking supplements on top of a well-balanced diet is a choice. By doing these things, the buzz, the hiss, and the ring will not be heard ever again. This is the natural remedy for tinnitus.


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