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Is Herpes Curable? Find Out For Yourself

Is Herpes Curable

Is herpes curable? Some people are not familiar with herpes or some are maybe almost giving up in finding a cure and so they might ask this question. Many people have been inflicted with herpes. They can either be cold sores or genital herpes. Both can be very painful and embarrassing for people. These red bumps, blisters and sores won’t do you any good. So a cure is what people want for these symptoms.

Some people say that herpes couldn’t be cured because it is caused by a virus, more specifically the herpes simplex virus. The herpes simplex virus stays in the nervous system when the person doesn’t have outbreaks. When the virus becomes active, it doesn’t mean that all of the viruses are active. Some remain hidden from the immune system and cannot be treated by drugs. But research is already being done with the idea to activate all the virus and all be wiped out with anti-viral medication.

Is Herpes Curable? Virus Triggers

There are some causes presented for why some people get these outbreaks of herpes. The list includes stress, anxiety and depression. What’s causing you stress? Find out for yourself and try to reduce its effects or even get rid of it if you can. Find time to do relaxing activities so you could feel better. If you need professional help with anxiety and depression, you can consult someone who has the knowledge to help you. Herpes can also come out due to menstruation. Trauma and immunity are also said to contribute to herpes outbreaks.

Is Herpes Curable? Making It Dormant

When the virus becomes active, outbreaks come. There is another discovery that focuses on the idea ofdormant virus. When the virus is dormant there would be no outbreaks and so there is a lesser chance that it would be transmitted to others. These might be the reason why some people are scared to get herpes because the outbreaks can be painful and other people will try to avoid people with herpes because they’re afraid they might get infected, too.

The natural approach of providing the right amount of oxygen in the body is one solution offered for someone with herpes. Having balanced metabolism is another approach. These approaches make the area inhospitable for the virus causing it to be dormant. No one wants them to be active.

Herpes can affect people’s lives and people don’t want to be affected by the virus. These are ideas from some people; you can look for more answers for the question: Is herpes curable?


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